SCS Films was established in 2011 by Shedrick Cortez-Stokes. Shedrick’s many years in television and film only fueled his passion for making Houston the ‘Hollywood’ of Texas. He studied television, theater, and film at Hollywood Film Institute, and Prairie View A&M University. Houston’s pool of talented actors and artists, extensive choices for location shoots, and his drive, is the perfect combination to turn his passion into reality. The company is equipped to produce a wide range of films, docudramas, commercials and videos. Our primary focus is to produce feature films. We are determined to be an outlet for ordinary people with extraordinary stories and dreams to make it to the big screen. We welcome original scripts and we will soon cast for the Web of EVE (feature film).

The Web of EVE: The time is present. Evette, is a beautiful young woman. Evette’s early childhood was tarnished by a controlling womanizer, her father. After his last explosive display of alcoholic and PTSD attack on her mother, her father becomes an early 1st of several victims caught in EVE’s web.

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